Bosch announces Omneo networking technology

Bosch announces Omneo networking technology
Bosch Security Systems has announced Omneo, its media networking technology that provides program transport and system control. Omneo uses Audinate’s Dante networking technology and will be fully compliant with emerging standards such as AVB.

The technology uses standard Ethernet networks and has two components. Firstly an audio program transport protocol suite is designed to offer low-latency, high-quality multichannel audio stream exchange. It is a result of partnership between Bosch and Audinate and uses Dante networking technology.


Secondly a robust control protocol suite is an open Bosch Security Systems development descended from the Audio Engineering Society's AES-24 protocol architecture and is called OCA (Open Control Architecture).


Bill Scott, VP of Engineering & Technology at Bosch, said: “Since the early 1990s, the pro audio industry has sought a common scheme by which audio and video devices from diverse manufacturers could interoperate harmoniously over standard digital networks. In such networks, devices share both program content and system control to provide users with powerful integrated multi-vendor solutions.


"Until recently, industry progress in this area has been discouraging.  However, new IEEE developments – the 802.1AVB protocol suite and related media transport standards 1722 and 1733 – have made major advances on one of the two fronts:program transport. Collectively known as ‘AVB’ (Audio Visual Bridging) these accomplishments are rekindling industry optimism in universal media networking.It now seems that for the first time in history, common professional media networking standards are within reach.”


Scott continues: “The intent of this project was threefold. Firstly, to develop technologies which provide full interoperability of all communications systems from Bosch network-enabled equipment; secondly, to allow Bosch Security Systems customers to use standard,off-the-shelf Ethernet infrastructure; and thirdly, to merge the Bosch Security Systems solution with emerging public standards such as AVB as soon as possible, allowing Bosch Security Systems customers to enjoy fully standardized media networks in which equipment from many manufacturers interoperates smoothly.”