BMW’s HUD motorbike helmet harnesses AR for safe riding

BMW’s HUD motorbike helmet harnesses AR for safe riding
BMW is currently developing a Head-Up Display (HUD) helmet which beams information and logistics to a motorcycle rider’s visor in real-time. The company estimate that HUD allows riders to process information 50% quicker.

The time-saving and safety benefits of head-up technology finally appear to making their way from aviation and automotive industries – available in BMW cars since 2003 – to motorcyclists with BMW’s latest prototype, as the company continue to harness AR and VR technology for product development.

The ‘HUD’ helmet is paired to the motorcycle allowing it to calculate vital information such as engine oil level and fuel level, tire pressure, gear position, speed and speed limit inside the rider’s face shield allowing riders to calculate the best route for the rider and the rider to focus attention on the road. It also is potentially capable of projecting GPS directions and incoming call information. The display is fully programmable; allowing the rider to choose the most relevant information to them.

A built-in camera allows users to record the journey, with a second rear-mounted camera on the helmet acting as rear-view mirror. Controls on the left-hand handlebars allow users to regulate their journey.

Two replaceable batteries with a 5-hour life power the system, which can integrated into most new helmets. BMW are also working on incorporating a mini-computer and speakers into the helmet.

BMW also hope it can be developed to allow motorcycle riders to instantly send a warning to every other bike in the vicinity if they detect an obstacle in the road. “By means of the future V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, it might also be possible to display information in real time, for example to give due warning of any suddenly impending hazards,” said a spokesperson.

BMW introduced the first concept of its HUD motorcycle helmet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas. It hopes to bring the helmet to market in the next few years.

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