Biamp adopts online product platform certification

Biamp adopts online product platform certification
Biamp has shifted its individual product platform certification to an online format as part of wider changes to its education programmes.

The manufacturer has also added a new category of in-person training: The Biamp AV Lab. It provides hands-on training for the Tesira audio and video platform and will be offered at the company’s Oregon headquarters.

Kiley Henner, director of customer experience at Biamp, said: “Whether you want to grow your knowledge, gain InfoComm International renewal units, or just refresh with some tips and tricks, Biamp leverages the expertise of our application engineers to create training sessions that fully support AV professionals, arming them with the tools to tackle the challenges faced today.”

Biamp’s online certification programme consists of self-guided sessions with comprehension testing throughout the curriculum. Training topics include sessions for TesiraForté, Tesira Server/Server-IO, TesiraLux, Vocia, Audia, and VoIP for technicians. TesiraForté and Vocia courses are also available in Spanish. All certification training is free of charge.

The new Biamp AV Lab training will be a hands-on, workshop, where a small group of trainees will create audio and video systems. The AV Lab trainees will use multiple media network protocols (AVB/TSN, CobraNet, and Dante), while studying DSP. The workshop includes hands-on configuration and considerations for working with enterprise-level network switches. The three-day training course will be available to those who have successfully completed Biamp’s TesiraForté, Tesira Server/Server-IO, TesiraLux, Vocia, and VoIP certification training courses. The first session is slated for July 2017.