Beyerdynamic and Tico present conference technology in China

AUTHOR: Inavate

Beyerdynamic, in conjunction with its Chinese partner, TICO Digital Group, presented the manufacturer’s conference solution in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou with over 600 attendees availing the opportunity.

The focus lay on the Quinta wireless system and the Orbis wired system. Particular information was paid to the characteristics of the Beyerdynamic microphones. Quinta’s voting functionality was also highlighted. Tony Cai, product engineer, also gave a speech at the event helping attendees understand how to choose a suitable conferencing solution that fits their needs.

As part of a microphone comparison, visitors were invited to interact with different microphones and gain user experience. They were able to test the sound quality of the Classis GM 305S, Classis GM 304, Classis BM34 with BMR, MPC 65 and MPR 210.