BenQ and Mersive demo combined solutions at InfoComm

BenQ and Mersive have joined forces to combine image blending and projection technologies. BenQ projectors will be demonstrated with Mersive software to create multi-projector displays.

Mersive's Sol enables the use of clusters of small, inexpensive projectors by aligning them automatically into one seamless image.

More advanced projectors can be used to supply these capabilities for large and complex public displays such as interactive floors, 360-degree domes, spheres, and other unconventional forms. 

To showcase the joint venture merchandising plan BenQ will utilize Mersive's Sol software with eight BenQ SH960 high-brightness projectors on stand C6026. During the demonstration, the projectors and software will be driving a 340-degree cylindrical surface.  

Mersive will utilize four BenQ LW61ST blue core laser projectors in a 2x2 rear-projected demonstration, and an additional three in a 3x1 calibration demonstration. 

Furthermore, Mersive will utilise six of BenQ's GP2 Mini Projectors in a curved desktop format.