BASF and Philips shine a light with OLED panels

Joint research being carried out by chemical giant BASF and Philips could lead to car roof panels that are transparent during daylight hours, but then act as a light source in darkness. Part of a consortium assembled by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the pair have created OLED panels that glow when powered, and then turn transparent when switched off.

The added bonus is that since the panels are so thin, they can be combined with transparent solar panel technology to create a composite material which also generates energy during the day.We see no reason why this should be restricted to car roofs. Why not external windows in office buildings. Need to "shut the blinds" for a video conference, easy. Need to light to room at the same time, no problem. Fancy reducing your installation’s carbon footprint at the same time? Yup, we can do that as well.