AVIXA says its focus will be on mindfulness for next workshops

AVIXA says its focus will be on mindfulness for next workshops
AVIXA will focus on mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the workplace when it holds its Business Workshops in London and Dublin in October.

The interactive workshop, titled Explore Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, is openRobert Houston head shot to both AVIXA members and non-members. It will be led by Rob Houston [pictured right], senior teacher of the Search Inside Yourself program and a Google staff member.

Ben Bernard, regional manager UK & Ireland at AVIXA, said: “Rather than put on a standard training course, for our Business Workshops we try to broaden our remit and offer delegates something a little different.

“This year we are exploring mindfulness, one of the hot topics in the latest corporate thinking. With well documented benefits including enhanced well-being, better performance and improved collaboration, it is no surprise that mindfulness is being embraced by organisations across the globe. Featuring theory and practice, our sessions in Dublin and London, will provide the perfect introductory sampler to this up-to-date business topic.”

The Dublin event will be held on October 16 at the Convention Centre Dublin before the workship heads to London on October 18 at Chandos House.  

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