AVI-SPL launches XTG to deliver immersive and interactive events globally

AVI-SPL launches XTG to deliver immersive and interactive events globally
Global systems integrator AVI-SPL, has announced the launch of XTG, Experience Technology Group. This new business unit is responding to growing demand for immersive and interactive brand and employee experiences.

XTG will specialise in experiential technology design, integration, installation, and support working in partnership with an ecosystem of architects, experience designers, brand agencies, fabricators, consultants, and technology vendors.

By using AVI-SPL’s global reach, XTG also provides scalable expertise and consistency to customers looking for experiential packages delivered all around the world.

“The universal and dramatic impact of the pandemic together with the prospect of a hybrid work future is causing every company to re-evaluate their business model and re-imagine their relationships with customers and employees alike,” commented Julian Phillips, XTG managing director and senior vice president at AVI-SPL. “Customer engagement and employee experience are everything. We have to redefine our value in a digilog world, where analog and digital fuse, and that’s what XTG does.”

Tim Larson, design principal and co-founder of world-renowned experience design firm Downstream added, “Experiential technologies are driving hybrid engagements and providing platforms for more meaningful visitor and employee experiences. An approach that joins up design thinking and global execution is not only desired but is essential to success.”


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