AVI SPL outlines European vision

AVI SPL outlines European vision
AVI SPL is ready to open new offices in Europe “when necessary” according to senior staff at the firm.

The company’s director of channels, Daniel Rogers, explained that AVI SPL was ready to seize upon a rise in demand for VC driven by corporations seeking to cut down on travel costs and make communications between their staff around the world quicker and more effective.

The company’s video conferencing solution VNOC Symphony would be key to growth in this area, he said.

“We’re here for global expansion and if there is work in an area we will open an office there,” he said.
“Businesses have to deal with more and more equipment that is increasingly complicated and they need help. With Symphony VNOC they will have access to a 24/7 help desk in multiple languages. We want to understand their business and how to add value to it.”

MD James Shanks said in recent years there had been a degree of stagnation in the AV market in EMEA.

“We are changing that by bringing a different approach to the market,” he said.
“Our current challenge is to educate the market and we are going to listen to our clients’ needs so we can continue to be innovative.”

AVI SPL, which was founded in the US, prepared for its European drive by opening an office in the UK at the beginning of this year. It now employs more than 100 people in the country. The move will enable the company to directly serve the European offices of its clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies.

An introduction to the company was held at The Polycom Executive Experience Centre in London last Thursday. AVI SPL recently obtained Polycom certifications for RealPresence Environments and RealPresence Platform.

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