AVer Europe enters healthcare market

AVer Europe enters healthcare market
AVer Europe, a provider of video collaboration and education technology products, has announced the launch of its Connected Health Solutions as part of its commitment to the technological requirements of the healthcare industry.

Aiming to discover unmet needs and reduce overall cost for healthcare systems, AVer Europe is responding to the continued growth of telemedicine, patient monitoring and live surgery broadcast in the medical field.

AVer Europe has recently launched its newest medical grade PTZ cameras, the MD330U and MD330UI, as the first foray of Connected Health Solutions.

With the intention of creating intuitive user interface and patient-centered design in mind, AVer’s MD330U Series camera features a detachable 4K 8MP handheld camera head for doctors to perform patient assessment accurately within the context of telemedicine.

The AVer MD330U is specially designed and medically certified for telemedicine with an IEC 60601 Medical Certification. The 30X optical zoom lens with 4K output resolution delivers high image quality, and the AI noise reduction function offers a face-to-face communication experience for patients and doctors.

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