AV industry expects Panasonic to “fill void” after Sanyo closure

Sanyo will cease to exist when Panasonic, who originally acquired the manufacturer in December 2009, withdraws the brand on March 31, 2012.

Midwich, a distributor of Sanyo and Panasonic projectors in the UK, has welcomed the announcement.

Darren Lewitt, AV director of Midwich, said: “I firstly want to reassure customers that a source at Panasonic has informed me that the new extended Panasonic line up for their FY 2012 will fill all the voids left by the withdrawal of the Sanyo product range.

“This decision was kind of expected and we have seen both Sanyo’s and Panasonic's projection businesses grow again this year, so the potential of a new Panasonic line-up from 1 April 2012 using possibly the combined technologies from Sanyo and Panasonic will be very strong indeed.

“I would urge resellers to continue to sell both brands in the short term and then migrate over to the new extended Panasonic line up from April. As yet, there has been no official press statement other than the statement that came from Sanyo. This action may represent an opportunity over the next four months for resellers to pick up some lucrative Sanyo deals in Q1 from Midwich and we will keep the channel posted on this.”

Snelling Business Systems, a UK integrator, is also confident that Panasonic will provide the necessary support as Sanyo exits the market.

Toby Wise, managing director of Snelling Business Systems, said: “We are confident that Panasonic will support the remaining Sanyo stock as it goes through its service life.

“We are also confident that we will see in the near future, rumoured as early as 2012, a new, wider and broader range of fresh projection technologies from Panasonic.”