Ashly hires Tamburri as product manager

Ashly hires Tamburri as product manager
Ashly Audio has hired Bob Tamburri, an audio specialist with nearly 40 years of experience, as product manager.

Tamburri, who reports directly to Ashly CEO Jim Mack, will oversee and direct conception, launch, market position, support and maturation of the company’s products. 

“Between his positions at Sony and TOA, Bob has fifteen years of direct product management experience,” said Mack. “But the totality of his experience is much broader than that. Really, Bob has had a hand in almost every angle you can imagine in the pro audio industry, and we’re thrilled to bring his perspective and depth of knowledge to Ashly.” 

Tamburri was also a sales representative for Sennheiser, the national education and merchandising manager at Onkyo and an AV designer and integrator at Manny’s Music.

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