Artists take control of massive videowall in real-time installation

Five-hundred-and-sixty-eight LED screens were recently commandeered by a New York University arts student to display mesmerising sketches in real-time. Adrià Navarro worked with DI Shin to design the installation, titled Inkscapes, for a 120 ft x 11 ft videowall at the InterActive Corps (IAC) building in New York. Three artists use iPads to create unique and constantly evolving content on the huge display.

Four custom applications were developed to achieve the effect. The artist writes that an application, built in OpenFrameworks and running on each iPad, reads drawing and sends TCP messages to a central laptop over a local wireless network.

A control panel application monitors the iPads, sends content to the server controlling the screens and enables recording and playback functions. 

The artist claims that the project has a global resolution of 1150 x 580 pixels distributed across the 568 screens.