Art museum, using 470 projectors, opens in Tokyo

Art museum, using 470 projectors, opens in Tokyo
Art collective teamLab has worked with developer Mori Building Co. to open a digital art museum in Tokyo - which is unprecedented in how it shares interactive artworks with visitors, according to the organisers. The museum uses 470 Epson laser projectors.

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless is TeamLab’s first permanent exhibition in Tokyo, following a number of projects in France, Singapore and Japan. It features 50 interactive artworks (some completely new) and covers 10,000 sq m with art installations not restricted physical spaces.
Forrest of lamps mori building
The building comprises five zones and opened on June 21. Zones include immersive installations, an area that trains spatial recognition, an educational and experimental space, a ‘Forest of Lamps’ and a tea drinking experience enhanced by projection. Developers hope it will boost arts and cultural interaction in Tokyo. 
Kids with fish mori building
“Tokyo must continually enhance its magnetic power to attract people, goods, capital and information from around the world,” says Shingo Tsuji, president and CEO of Mori Building Co. “According to the most recent Global Power City Index, an annual report issued by Mori Building’s think tank Mori Memorial Foundation, Tokyo ranks very highly in areas such as economy, environment and livability, but is lacking in terms of art and cultural interaction.”
Tea drinking mori building
Tokyo is ramping up projects that will attract people to the city in the run up to the 2020 Olympic Games. 

Source: teamLab

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