App for mobiles will allow creation and sharing of VR content

AUTHOR: Inavate

Creating content for VR systems has long been considered a challenge but a platform is in production that will enable the creation and sharing of VR content using mobile phones. Emergent VR has managed to raise $2.2 million for its project called Mobius that will allow live action VR experiences to be captured using iPhone or Android devices and shared on social networks.

“We're giving everyone the ability to capture and share experiences using virtual reality," said Emergent CEO Peter Wilkins. "Mobius is as important a step forward for VR as the advent of the smartphone was for digital photography. Our software turns every iPhone and Android phone into a VR camera.”

Before founding Emergent, Peter and co-founder Chris Wheeler worked together at DreamWorks Animation, becoming experts at enabling people to tell stories using technology. Their next step was to launch the first spherical video startup, Condition One. There they created the first movie for Virtual Reality, Zero Point, which was featured at Sundance New Horizons last January. The projects funding injection came from Accel Partners, Google Ventures, and Rothenberg Ventures - the first accelerator focused specifically on virtual reality startups.

“The ability to transcend physical limitations, connect with the people you care about, and relive your memories are the most powerful applications of virtual reality,” said Kobie Fuller, partner at Accel and personal investor in Oculus VR. “You will no longer have to store your most valued memories and experiences on a screen - with Mobius you can now relive them using presence, the feeling that you are actually there.”

A private beta test of the Mobius app is expected to happen on Android devices later this month, enabling the capture of mixed-media. This will allow users to watch the content with another app on a Samsung Gear VR headset.