AMX buys into IPTV

AMX buys into IPTV
AMX announced the latest in its continuing chain of acquisitions on the Wednesday of InfoComm (18th June), with the news that it had acquired UK-based software company Atrium Group Developments Ltd.

The acquisition also coincides with the launch of Atrium’s seventh generation IPTV solution. Vision2 is a modular, video capture, management and broadcast solution for delivering live, on-demand and/or scheduled video.

For AMX there is obvious synergy with its MAXX media servers and Autopatch distribution system, and the company has cited several immediate application areas. These include Hotel TV, internal TV networks for businesses or schools, and web broadcasts for bodies such as churches.

This acquisition also seems to show a different emphasis in the acquisition strategy in that Atrium is a software company. Previous purchases by AMX have focused on expanding the range of hardware available for systems construction. This latest acquisition will enable AMX to leverage that hardware in new application areas.

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