Amon Tobin takes astonishing 3D set on tour

Brazillian electronic music genius Amon Tobin begins a new worldwide tour this month. We here on the InAVate editorial team are unashamed fans of his music, but what’s caught our eye this week is the set that he’s using. The 3D, tetris-style affair combines a physical 3D set with some pixel perfect projection mapping of content made specifically for the show. The set was designed by Heather Shaw, and built by Stefano Novelli over a period of 5 weeks.

Watch the video down below for the background story and a look at some of the stunning content that has been created for the tour by V Squared Labs. Also, if anyone has contacts and can tell us what the mysterious black projector is in the background (we think it’s a Christie Roadster), that would be splendid.