Adidas scores with projection mapping project

A marketing scheme from Adidas has seen projectors attached to cars, bikes and even people to create the illusion of Argentine footballer Leo Messi blazing a trail through the streets of Barcelona. The concept was launched by creative agency Iris Worldwide to promote the Adidas Adizero f50 football boots. Projectors in 20K, 10K, 7K and 3K formats were used to throw the footballer’s image onto buildings, bridges, trees and vehicles as they moved though the city.

The projectors were attached to cars, bikes and - using a body harness - people. It is not Adidas’ first foray into using the technology as Adidas France carried out a static projection mapping event on a building back in 2011. It won’t be the first time that projection mapping has been used on the move either, as InAVate reported back in 2012.

The latest effort by Iris Worldwide breaks new ground in terms of the range of projectors and mounting locations that are used to achieve the stunning effect.