Adder roadshow plays host to KVM solution demo

Adder Technology demonstrated KVM solutions and previewed AdderLink Infinity v3.0 firmware in London when it took its roadshow to Soho

Adder joined forces with its distributor Digi-Box to present to more than 60 companies at the Courthouse Hotel in Soho on 18-19 July, 2013.

John Halksworth, product manager, Adder Technology said: “The roadshow also gave us a platform to demonstrate why this technology has the potential to consign proprietary systems to history,” says John Halksworth, Product Manager, Adder Technology. 

“The latest iteration of AdderLink Infinity offers network teaming to provide the extra resilience required for critical applications.

“The solution is easy to implement and enables a calculable ROI because it operates over standard IP infrastructure.

“Moreover, when using this technology the user sees exactly what comes out of the video card, pixel perfect and colour accurate at speeds of up to 60 FPS. We believe the product has the capacity to be a game changer in the market and bring high performance KVM to a much broader range of customers.”