Ad agency delivers with Blackmagic

AdPro, part of global media technology group Adstream, is using Blackmagic Design's Teranex 2D Processor to deliver finished advertisements to outdoor digital signage and broadcasters around the world.

The processor is used in conjunction with a workflow that also includes a Blackmagic Design Micro Videohub and a SmartView Duo rack mounted monitors.

AdPro offers services that Adstream had previously outsourced to third party suppliers and encoding more than 500 advertisements a day in the UK.

Adstream will also use the Teranex processor for time base correction and the removal of illegal digital values via the the processor’s SDI baseband.

Furthermore, UK based systems integrator, NMR has worked with AdPro to create a studio workflow built around the Blackmagic Design VideoHub Micro. Capture and playback is handled by two Apple iMacs running thunderbolt video I/O devices, with the Blackmagic Design Smartview Duo used to display the output.

This set up is replicated across AdPro offices in France and Brazil, allowing all three offices to communicate with one another.