AC-ET appointed distributor for Panasonic projectors & displays

AC-ET appointed distributor for Panasonic projectors & displays
A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) has been appointed as a Panasonic Solutions Partner for the Panasonic range of professional projectors and large format display screens.

AC-ET's customer base spans temporary events through to permanent installations - including concert tours, theatre shows & other stage live events; education & drama facilities; television shows; film productions; museums, leisure, airports & retail; exhibitions & corporate events; and architectural applications. 

AC-ET has access to Panasonic’s Visual products, including models such as the PT-RZ970 laser projector, which is designed for intensive usage and maintenance-free, long-lasting brightness (9,400 lumens) in permanent installations. Panasonic's large format display LED screens feature technologies such as IPS panels, for clear off-axis visibility and colour reproduction at up to 4K resolution.

AC-ET has recently supplied Panasonic laser, DLP and LCD projectors for a variety of markets, including leisure, live events rental & production, and theatre. In addition, large format display screens have been supplied for education and other permanent installations. 

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