Absen holds customer appreciation day

Absen Optoelectronic’s European subsidiary held its first Customer Appreciation Day at its Russelsheim office building in Frankfurt, Germany on June 18.

More than 100 guests including Absen’s customers and LED industry representatives from throughout Europe joined the event.

During the event the director of Absen Optoelectronic’s European branch shared Absen’s corporate culture, its core values, successful case studies, as well as the status of the LED display industry in China. She further presented a detailed introduction on Absen’s organizational structure, market positioning and service scope of its European subsidiary.

Nearly 80% of Absen’s products are exported overseas, and the volume of exports to Europe and other high-end markets is more than 50% of Absen’s total exports. Absen is actively expanding its operations in the global market, and has successfully established subsidiaries in Europe and North America, and has set up offices in many countries.