5G speeds outpace WiFi speeds in leading 5G countries

5G speeds outpace WiFi speeds in leading 5G countries
Current 5G speeds in leading 5G countries in Europe and the Middle East allow for faster downloads than WiFi in those countries, with seven out of eight leading 5G countries globally boasting 5G download speeds that exceed WiFi download speeds dramatically.

The research, gathered by OpenSignal "demonstrates that 5G greatly improves the real-world speeds that users experience. And, even more significantly, 5G offers faster average download speeds than Wifi in seven out of eight leading 5G countries.

"Our findings show the importance of not letting the current COVID-19 crisis — or active anti-5G disinformation campaigns — delay 5G rollouts because the increased capacity and faster speeds that 5G enables are critical to keeping people connected today and in the future with rising network usage."


Switzerland holds the record for the fastest 5G download speed in Europe, with an average download speed of 201.9 Mbps, outpacing its WiFi download speeds of 73.9 Mbps, followed by Spain which has a 146.8Mbps 5G download speed, dwarfing the country’s WiFi download speed of 47Mbps. 

The UK, a country which lags behind two thirds of other EU countries’ internet speeds according to Cable.co.uk, also has a huge gap between its WiFi download speed of34.1Mbps and its 5G speed of 138.1Mbps.

Middle East 

Topping the international table, Saudi Arabia has the fastest global 5G download speed to date with a whopping 5G download speed of 291.2Mbps and a WiFi download speed of 24.4 Mbps. 

Kuwait is ranked fourth fastest for 5G download speeds globally with a 5G download speed of 185.1Mpbs with a WiFi download speed of 26.7Mbps. 

In each aforementioned country, WiFi speeds outpace existing 4G speeds with the exception of Saudi Arabia which has a 4G download speed of 24.4Mbps. 

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