3M launches Multi-Touch Developers Network in Europe

3M launches Multi-Touch Developers Network in Europe
3M has launched its developer network for interactive multitouch developers and designers in Europe.  This follows the launch of the network in the US earlier this year.

European members who have just signed up include: Intuilab, NUITEQ, Omnivision Studios, Solatys and Touchtech.

The network is a web-based resource that gives carefully selected designers and developers – such as independent software vendors (ISVs) and resellers – an opportunity to showcase a range of applications to a global audience of potential customers.

Visitors can access an array of videos demonstrating a wide variety of multitouch applications, across sectors including gaming, retail, hospitality and entertainment venues, corporate information and training. The site also provides further information about each of the member companies’ expertise, track record and contact details.

The site can be viewed at www.3M.com/multitouchsoftware