3D hand scanner to impact healthcare and VR

3D hand scanner to impact healthcare and VR
Billed as the world’s first dedicated 3D hand scanner, Curatio is one of few prototypes making progress with the modelling of body parts. The result of a graduation project by Pieter Smakman, the hand mapping technology could have widespread potential in healthcare and VR applications.

Produced in cooperation with Vectory3 and the TU Delft, Curatio incorporates 32 cameras, Rasberry Pis, 5 laser pointers and photogrammetry software to create an accurate surface model of the hand at a relatively small cost.

The 32 Raspberrys are controlled with a Python script which triggers the cameras at the same time. Following this, they send the images one by one to a central place via Wi-Fi.

Users simply put their hand inside a ring to form a hand scan in 1/100s, with a maximum deviation of only 1.5 mm from the human hand.

Future uses for Curatio could include 3D printed braces and personalised medical instruments, as well as customised gloves or simulated hands in virtual worlds. Its creator has already had success producing detailed hand scales and several printed braces.

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