3D ad campaign pulls into St Pancras

3D ad campaign pulls into St Pancras
A 3D advertising campaign to promote pensions giant Scottish Widows was unveiled at London’s St Pancras International station this week. The 30 second promotion, hosted by Balfour International Group, uses Phillips’ 3D Wow technology to display the company’s icon, a woman in a black cloak, on the central concourse opposite the Eurostar departures area. The campaign is set to remain at the station until September 28, 2009.

Balfour International Group provided eight screens, mounted to provide four double-sided 42" displays and handled content creation for the promotion. This is the second time the company has rolled out a 3D campaign in the UK, the first featured five screens at London’s City Airport. The Group has also already embarked on 3D campaigns in two South African airports, Johannesburg and Cape Town, in anticipation of the World Cup in 2010.

3D Wow technology provides a 3D viewing experience without special glasses making it particularly suitable for an advertising campaign designed to grab the attention of passengers as they pass by. The viewing zone is large ensuring that multiple people can view the advert simultaneously.

The effect, based on a slanted lenticular lens, shows each eye 1/9 of HD resolution and creates a powerful effect despite lacking the detail that 3D glasses based displays can provide.

Hayley Hunt, the actress that currently plays the Scottish Widow, was present to launch the St Pancras campaign. Marketing Direct Magazine claimed Scottish Widows hoped to reach more than 1.6 million commuters and passengers with the advertisement.

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