The Rental and Staging market is live and kicking

Paul Milligan looks at the current state of the rental and staging market in EMEA, and asks how changes in technology and the rise of social media are both affecting the sector.

The rental and staging market is a great barometer of any economy, and by looking at how each market is doing, it gives us a mirror image of that country’s current financial well being.

For example, for any economy to be doing well consumers have to be buying cars in bulk. After all, it’s the largest purchase any of us will ever make (outside of owing your own home). If car manufacturers are doing well they will increase budgets for promotional activities, such as lavish product launches and huge booths at car shows.

This means the rental and staging industry benefits in those countries as they are tasked with putting on ever more visual impressive events (with bigger AV budgets).

Conversely if an economy is struggling, and car sales are slow, those big promotional budgets will be cut drastically, and car launches and exhibition activity will be scaled back, hitting the bottom line of AV rental and staging companies.

So how did 2013 pan out for this sector, and do rental and staging companies think 2014 will turn out?

In the full article we talk to some of the biggest players in this field - Lang, Gearhouse, PSCo and Creative Technology - to find out if they optimistic or pessimistic about the future. We also ask, what technologies are making an impact in this sector right now? Read now in InAVate Active.

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