Setting The Agenda: Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound

The possibilities of a 'terrifying' new sound has got 25-year Meyer Sound veteran Luke Jenks excited about the company’s future. Paul Milligan spoke to its director of product management to find out what’s coming up from the well-respected pro-audio manufacturer.

“There are times when things are accelerating really fast, and other times when they’re not. We are definitely in an era where this industry is cooking,” says Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound’s director of product management. 

And he should know, starting at Meyer at just 18, Jenks has been there 25 years and has seen the company grow from just 28 employees to more than 300, serving in a number of roles, both in the U.S. and Europe in that time.

So what does his role involve now? “I work with R&D and our executive group to make sure we are making the right products for the future,” he says.  “The genesis of a great idea might come from R&D, as they had some incredible ways of providing solutions to problems, but we have to take that technology and release it to the market in a usable, defined way, and in a way that has methodologies.”

In the full article, Jenks talks about his passion for pro audio, and the new markets Meyer Sound is looking to get involved in.

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