Review of Eyevis OmniShapes display modules

Eyevis OmniShapes are rear projection display modules suitable for creating projection surfaces in a wide range of configurations.

They work both as a stand alone unit but can also be combined together in larger display walls since every module has its own internal signal processing unit for the geometrical adjustment of the input image to the displayed part.

Eyevis’s LED technology is designed to offer lasting true colours and extended colour adjustment options. The newly developed multi-cube colour brightness adjustment option allows fully automatic adjustment and balancing of all cubes in a connected video wall. The modular concept of OmniShapes consists of three main building blocks, the projection screen, base frame and projector.

Why did you choose this product?

The resolution of the unit is much higher than a normal LED wall. These touch walls we run at 5,760 x 2,160 pixels – or 5K – while a normal LED wall is full HD, and it’s not good to touch a normal LED wall. The colour stability is also very good. When you stand in front of the touch wall, around 1.5m away you can touch the wall but even see what your neighbour is doing with the same colour precision that you have. We also have a touch system with the OmniShapes wall so it can be used as a giant touch wall. The bezel on the edge is very good. There are also different types of projection units like hexagonal and pentagonal ones and others with one corner cut off. This is useful because sometimes the architecture is challenging and these are easier to fit. It is flexible in that if you need to replace one of the projection units you can access it from the back or the front.

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