Projection mapping tech used for virtual graffiti

Too often high-end, expensive technologies overshadow - or are even used to hide a lack of - creativity and ingenuity. Anna Mitchell learns from art collective, Sweatshoppe what can be done with basic off-the-shelf technology; some sophisticated software and piles of vision, awareness and talent.

Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw, the duo behind collective Sweatshoppe, defy definition. Part performance artists, part illustrators and part multimedia technicians; the pair recently made a huge impact with their project, ‘Video Painting Europe’.

A video of the endeavour, that saw the pair virtually painting Europe’s walls using a projector and an infrared tracking device, took the internet by storm and was recognised at the Vimeo Awards when it topped the ‘Captured’ category.

Discover the technology behind the ‘Video Painting Europe’ and learn more about the pair’s other projects in InAVate Active

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