Medicine on the move: Opportunities in healthcare

Healthcare is a clear growth area for video collaboration technologies. But, as Anna Mitchell finds out, integrators shouldn't assume they can adapt enterprise solutions and approaches to enter this increasingly lucrative market.

The appetite for video communication technologies in the healthcare sector is growing. Although uses, and in turn technologies deployed, vary wildly from country to country the trend is largely global.

Amnon Gavish, SVP of Vertical Solutions at vendor Vidyo describes it as a “perfect storm” of multiple factors. He says particularly in the “Western World the rising cost of healthcare is fuelled by an ageing population that requires a lot of attention and consumes a lot of resources. In some parts of the world there is also a crucial need to serve more people and make the most of existing resources.”

Andrew Graley, healthcare director at Polycom says: “One of the biggest problems developing countries face is how to spread resources effectively across geographically dispersed populations and telemedicine helps them do this.”

While the need has increased, the technology has developed. Citing a recent Frost & Sullivan report Graley says: “reduced prices and improved quality are boosting the adoption of telemedicine videoconferencing systems”.

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