Israel fosters tech developments

With a population of just 7 million people, innovation and development in Israel seems disproportionate to its size. Anna Mitchell explores why with one of the country’s largest IT integrators and asks what the are the implications for the AV market?

Israel is smaller than Wales and little bigger than the islands of Fiji, yet if you looked at the innovations and inventions that have emerged from the tiny country you’d realise that size doesn’t matter. 

If you investigated further into how many global technology corporations have set up shop and carry out research and development activities in the Middle Eastern state you’d wonder how it finds space for them all.

Haim Cohen, video field manager for Bynet Data Communications, believes Israel has a strong history of innovation and development because of the creativity of the Israeli people. 

Bynet Data Communications is part of the Rad Bynet Group, which is itself one of Israel’s success stories. 

The company started selling modems in 1975 and has grown and developed into a huge organisation spanning technology manufacture on one side and IT, communications and AV integration on the other. Radvision, recently sold to Avaya, was one of the Rad Bynet Group companies. 

Today, the Rad Bynet Group turns over $1 billion (€750 million) a year with the Bynet Group integration arm working within government, healthcare, public services, education, finance, transportation and commercial segments. 

To hear Cohen’s views on the outlook for AV within the Israeli market as well as more on the country’s “culture of creativity” and what this means for business in the region read the full feature in InAVate Active

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