Google extends online courses to UK jobseekers

Google has confirmed that its online courses for UX design, project management and more are open for enrolment to UK jobseekers looking to learn additional skills.

The courses, offered in partnership with the UK’s department for work and pensions, typically take six months to complete, with the potential to finish within three to five weeks if done full time. No prior experience or degree in the topic is required for enrolment for the UX or project management courses.

The courses will be available to some job seekers for free with financial aid via 9,000 scholarships.

Mims Davies, minister for employment, department for work and pensions, commented: “Helping jobseekers to build the confidence and skills they need to take up new opportunities is vital for the next stage in our recovery from the pandemic. Our Plan for Jobs puts skills at the heart of that and crucially Google’s Career Certificates will help people showcase their digital skills and build our workforce of tomorrow.”

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