UX - The great unknown

UX has become the buzzword in AV, but a lack of a clear understanding is slowing its progress says Paul Milligan.

Hands up who knows what UX is? Everyone knows what it stands for (user experience) but this is where knowledge seemsto end for many of us. UX is often used to describe web page design; is your site easy to navigate? In AV terms it’s been used to describe GUI design; is your AMX touchpanel simple to use? UX is really a philosophy which puts the user at the centre of every design decision, and this lack of expanded knowledge is a big problem in the AV industry says Adam Banks, co-founder, UX-Study, an agency specialising in designing and creating spaces for research. “People don’t even know what they don’t know. The whole concept is so alien to them. They don’t even realise what it means or what it is.” Part of the reason he says is that the AV industry hasn’t progressed at the speed it thinks it has. “Go back 15-20 years, we added an AMX panel with an interface designed by someone who doesn’t know a great deal about UX design. Fast