German buying power boosts AV industry

The German market is enjoying steady growth and relative security as parts of the Eurozone crumble. Anna Mitchell finds that its maturing AV market is being kept on its toes by increasingly knowledgeable and demanding end users.

As the Eurozone crisis develops opinions on Germany become increasingly divided. The country is either the saviour of Europe and a model of fiscal strength, or a draconian power that is bullying its neighbours into implementing unrealistic and stifling austerity measures. However, there’s one fact that everyone agrees on. Germany is incredibly stable and, against a backdrop of financial uncertainty, it’s thriving.

Many of its neighbours struggle with rising debts, waning manufacturing and soaring unemployment. Germany is enjoying a booming export market, a growing service sector and record employment levels.

This growth is sparking lucrative opportunities for the AV industry, which has the power to keep businesses at the forefront of their industries. Growing corporations are demanding sophisticated communication technologies to streamline operations and make employees more productive. Automotive, aerospace and machinery engineering require high-level visualisation solutions to keep them ahead of the competition. And wherever there are people earning money there are people demanding better entertainment, higher levels of healthcare and shops to spend their money in. All are areas where AV is an essential component.

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