World’s 'largest LED display' coming to first sphere structure

The world’s first spherical structure is under construction and will be home to what is claimed to be the largest, highest-resolution LED display in the world.

The sphere, known as the MSG Sphere, constructed by Madison Square Garden Entertainment, will be an entertainment venue located in Las Vegas, USA, costing $1.8 billion USD to construct. 

The 112-metres hall venue will reportedly be home to a super-massive display with a reported resolution of 19,000x13,500 pixels (1920x1080), covering an area more than 250 metres long. The screen will wrap up, over and behind the MSG Sphere’s stage for an immersive visual experience. 

The building will also feature 54,000 square metres of programmable lighting for an additional visual experience. 

The Madison Square Garden company also plan to create an MSG Sphere in the UK, with a decision yet to be made on the go-ahead for the project.

The MSG Sphere will also incorporate beam-forming technology to deliver an equally immersive audio experience, capable of delivering multiple audio streams to individual seats, with an infrasound haptic system using vibrations to allow guests to experience the sound through the sensation of touch. 

Work is currently underway to add an additional 24 metres to the MSG Sphere’s overall height, providing the surface for the exterior LED displays. 

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