University expansion involves Audac

The University of Ghent in Belgium has expanded, building two new auditoriums. One accommodates 600 seats, and the other one 400 seats.

Sliding the wall between the two auditoriums, into a large shark fin mounted on the ceiling, can create one large auditorium with 1,000 seats.

Because of the modern architecture of the building, the sound system had to be as discreet as possible. An additional difficulty was that when the large auditorium is divided into two sections, every section should have a completely separately controllable sound system. But when the wall is retracted into the ceiling, the two separate sound systems should be automatically linked together, forming one complete system for the large auditorium.

The realisation of this whole system is achieved by using two fully digital audio matrixes, one for each section, which are linked together, forming one large system for the combined auditorium.

For the best sound dispersion throughout the whole auditorium, various EASE computer simulations were made. Two GIAX designer column speakers, were installed in each section with SX12 12” dual coil bass cabinets, both from AUDAC. CS75 Ceiling speakers were chosen to support the column speakers in the front section.

The amplification of the entire project is done by Q-series four channel power amplifiers from Audac.

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