Thai exhibition centre employs Medialon

The Crown Property Bureau of Thailand has created an interactive learning centre at the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall. Advance Technology Contracting (ATC), a Thai AV system integrator handled the installation, employing a Medialon control system.

The Exhibition Hall houses information and artefacts on the history, arts, and culture of the Kingdom of Siam (also called Rattanakosin) era. It is based in Bangkok and is designed and managed by Rightman, a specialist in exhibition design and set-up.

Advance Technology Contracting (ATC), a Thai-based AV system integrator supplied the AV equipment.

ATC integrated a Medialon Manager control system. Noppharit Neansa-ard, AV and lighting specialist for ATC, said: “It allows [us] to remotely synchronise and control any of the AV devices spread into the seven exhibition rooms of the Rattanakosin centre, along with other equipment such as an hydraulics lift, automatic doors, etc.”

The Rattanakosin’s exhibition rooms are located on three storeys. One Medialon Manager V5 Pro software, as well as two Medialon Showmaster ST units and seven Medialon MIP players are installed in the centre. ATC designed a touch control panel using to Medialon’s Manager Panel software. This allows staff to remotely and automatically turn AV devices, in each of the exhibition rooms, on or off and launch multimedia shows or check on their status. The touch control panel system is made through a Medialon Rugboard Wi-Fi Touch Screen.

Inside the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, visitors can explore the “Grandeur Rattanakosin Room” which is set 200 years ago to the Kindgom of Siam era via a four-dimensional multimedia show which mixes audio, lighting, video as well as scent and sensory effects, all controlled by Medialon. Inside the “Remarkable Entertainment Room”, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the olden days of Siam with Thai traditional entertainment spectacles. The visit goes on with the “Renowned Ceremonies Room”, which incorporates three-dimensional spectacles and shows off the grandeur of royal ceremonies and royal waterway. In addition, with the “Sight-seeing Highlights” exhibition, a video guides people across the great old city of Rattanakosin.

“This exhibition hall has been designed with the objectives to create Thai public awareness of greatness of our nation”, declared Upatham Nisitsukchareon, director of Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, in charge of designing work, renovation and hall management. “State-of-the-art multimedia technologies, as well as interactive animations were also a main focus to be present in each of the seven exhibition rooms. In brief, not only knowledge but also entertaining pleasure had to be obtained in the Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall.”

The Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall plans to open two more exhibition rooms in 2011.

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