Streamlined solutions at San Camillo Hospital

A leading Roman hospital required a streamlined AV system for its multi-purpose auditorium needs. Reece Webb reports.

The San Camillo Forlanini Hospital sits within the very heart of Rome, a medical oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the old imperial city, this hospital provides essential medical care for citizens of Rome and beyond.

This facility offers medical services, as well as educational opportunities for junior doctors and students, while also offering the flexibility to host conferences for in-room and remote participants in its own purpose-built auditorium.

San Camillo’s auditorium underwent a complete architectural renovation, stripping back the space to its concrete bare bones and undergoing a complete transformation which incorporates an easy-to-use AV system for non-technical staff to present content easily, without compromising on quality.

The hospital turned to systems integrator A&ITS to transform the auditorium space, offering a space that caters for the flexible needs of the area.


Riccardo Agostini, pre-sales and technical key account manager, A&ITS, explains: “The customer needed a system with simple graphic designs. The auditorium had to be designed so that it can be used by everyone in San Camillo, so it needed to be as simple as possible.”

When A&ITS got on site, the auditorium itself had been returned to its bare concrete shell, giving the integrator the freedom to design a purpose-built system from the ground up. A&ITS carried out a sound study and designed an LED wall visualisation that was purpose built for this space, before diving in to complete the installation.

The auditorium had to offer complete intelligibility for in-room and remote participants, requiring a comprehensive camera, videowall, and audio setup for live streaming. “The client wanted a space for videoconferencing, presentation and speeches,” explains Agostini. “Sometimes they will hold lectures in this space, using the AV technology to demonstrate the processes of surgery. It had to be easy to use, and we, naturally, work in this way. They only have to operate a tablet to control the AV system, that is it.

“Users can connect their PC with one cable. The client wanted a simple, wired system that could be plugged in, instead of a wireless presentation system. They wanted to be sure that they are doing the right thing and can verify if they are connected through visual means. There is a wireless system available should it be needed.”

For audio, San Camillo required a sound system that would provide sufficient intelligibility for the spoken word, allowing A&ITS to supply an audio system that was straightforward and punched above the hospital’s sound quality requirements.

Agostini continues: “We opted for a JBL system. We worked closely with an audio specialist to create a sound study for the space, and we decided that JBL was the best option on price and performance. We supplied two JBL CBT series columns on either side of the auditorium, and they provide full coverage throughout the entire auditorium in every seat. We also supplied a JBL AC115S subwoofer if their requirements go beyond spoken word intelligibility, the lower end is there should they need it.” The loudspeakers are powered by Crown XTI series amplifiers, fed into an Extron DMP 128 digital signal processor.

The auditorium space itself is dominated by a Lightbeam RS 2.5-pixel pitch LED wall, supported by a Novastar VX6S LED processor and controlled via a Hannspree HT225HPA monitor.

“This is a full HD videowall, which was enough for the customer,” explains Agostini. “We suggested a 4K display, but full HD resolution was considered sufficient by the client.”

The installation of the videowall produced a unique challenge thanks to pre-existing extensive damage and perforation to the auditorium wall, creating a unique challenge for A&ITS to overcome, necessitating the creation of an entire laser-cut structure to support the LED wall before the installation could take place.

Agostini says: “We initially tried to install the videowall structure, but the damage to the wall was so great that it wasn’t possible. The bricks behind the LED wall were crushed, so we had to make a structure to keep the wall structurally sound. This isn’t usually a systems integrator’s job, but we rose to the challenge. However, this left us with only three days to build up the LED wall and test it. Of course, the videowall is huge and we had limited space to work in, so this proved to be a unique challenge.

“There is also a monitor for the speaker on the table, and we have three cameras – one for the table, and two for remote audiences. These are PTZ cameras that can be moved, connected by an RGBLink video mixer to the USB of the speaker’s mini-PC for use in video-conferencing using Teams, Zoom, or whatever the client wants to use.”

The presenter’s desk is also equipped with Electrovoice Polarchoice gooseneck microphones for speech intelligibility from the speaker, connected to the speaker’s Extron control panel for rapid and simple control of the microphones and other in-room devices.

The system is tied together with an Extron control architecture, providing simple, streamlined control from an Extron TLP Pro 1025T touchpanel.

Agostini continues: “In the past, I have used a lot of Extron systems, and I have specialised in creating software for Extron systems. It’s a practically indestructible control system.

“We have also supplied speech presets, so that they have options where they don’t have to turn on the LED wall and can use just the microphone; there is a presentation mode to turn on the LED wall, as well as a conference preset which turns the PC on. When they close the room, there is a fourth preset that turns off the LED wall and mutes all of the audio. There is also an Extron DSP which we have a preset for.”

Though a preference for wired systems was a key component of the client’s wishes, A&ITS also supplied a wireless presentation system, should it be required, via an Aurora TS-100-4F wireless huddle room device.

Today, San Camillo Hospital is outfitted with an auditorium that is befitting of its prominent reputation in Rome, with A&ITS completing the project on time, on budget, and providing the perfect balance of functionality and ease-of-use for end users of any ability.

Reflecting on the success of the project, Agostini says: “The audio system was a key point of pride for us. We used an accessible, cost-effective speaker type that created a great sound with no latency or holes in the coverage. The audio was perfect, and the customer was very impressed with this system. When I saw the audio system, which is comprised of four speakers in two columns, I was sceptical that the design would ultimately work, but it delivered a great result, so this was a really surprising result for us.”


Aurora TS-100-4F huddle room system

Crown XTI series amplifiers

Electrovoice Polarchoice series microphones

JBL CBT series loudspeakers


Hannspree HT225HPA touchscreen monitor

Lightbeam RS – P 2.5 LED screen


Extron TLP Pro 1025T touchpanel, IPCP Pro 350 control processor, DTP transmitter/receiver

Kramer Kit 400 auto-switcher/scaler

Novastar VX6S LED videowall controller

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