Store signage spreads with Teracue

Xplace, a Europe-wide specialist in digital customer information systems, is using Teracue MC-SCREEN encoders to distribute digital signage advertising signals for TV departments of Dutch Media-Saturn stores.

The instore-TV via IP-TV solution provides digital signage on all available LCD and TV displays. In addition, live TV and videos on demand can be played on all TV equipment in HD.
This is done by using a video distribution system based on an IP network. Thus a single live video stream can be provided on any number of devices.

The professional production and display of the content which is later sent via the IP network is performed by a SCALA signage system.

Production of live video streams and live distribution of the digital signage content adopts MC-SCREEN encoder by Teracue. The MC-SCREEN software encoder grabs digital signage screen-displays, converts the complete desktop view of the PC into a full HD stream and sends it out into the network (multicast). The displays in the stores receive the HD stream via standard IPTV set top boxes, the Aminet 130 and 140 series from Amino.

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