Refreshing Coca-Cola's European HQ

InAVate takes an in-depth look at how British integrator Smartcomm handled the overhaul of Coca-Cola Enterprise's European HQ in London.

Baker’s Court in Uxbridge is the European HQ for Coca-Cola Enterprises and the head office for its British business unit. Coca-Cola launched plans to relocate to these offices back in 2010 when it required a substantial strip out, to later be followed by the installation of AV systems across six floors of the building.

This covered an area of 100,000 sq ft encompassing a reception area, The Agora, four different styles of meeting rooms, a training room, a restaurant, a gym, an auditorium, a broadcast suite and a boardroom. With a budget of around €975,000 the company required that the AV systems be high quality and high impact, capable of displaying various types of video and other forms of promotional presentation material.

UK integrator Smartcomm was chosen to deliver the project and were faced with an immediate challenge of completing the AV install before building was due to open in four month’s time.

In all of the meeting rooms flat screens were installed, plus room booking panels located outside each door. Cisco’s dynamic TelePresence Management Suite was also been installed, offering the client complete control and management of TelePresence conferencing, infrastructure and endpoints. Beginning in the reception area, Smartcomm fitted two wall mounted NEC 40” LCD screens and a floor mounted 40” LCD screen. All displays have individual Cisco Digital Media Players which receive content from the LAN. One of these ultrathin screens has a DVI feed for PC presentations. A compact AMX NXD-430 flush mount touch panel provides total control for the room.

Along the agora walkway, an NEC 65” LCD screen with built-in 10W speakers has been mounted high above the room. The HD display also has its own Cisco Digital Media Player which receives content from the local area.

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