RCF leads the Tour de France

RCF has supplied speakers for many of the vehicles in the Tour de France advertising caravan that precedes the cyclists. The vehicles in the caravan play loud music and use 40 pcs RCF Art 310 (passive version) and C5212 Acoustica speakers.

The Tour de France is held in France and nearby countries, was first staged in 1903 and covers more than 3,600 kilometres over the space of three weeks.

Although the course changes every year, the race has always ended in Paris. Since 1975, the climax of the final stage has been along the Champs-Élysées.

The sponsors decorate the caravan cars, vans and busses and along the route they hand out gifts. La Cite Du Son-Sonowest from Rennes was responsible for the audio installation on the caravan.

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