Multitouch table puts university info at user’s fingertips

Multitouch has collaborated with interactive design firm Second Story to create an interactive multitouch table for the University of Oregon’s Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, Oregon. The table consists of a single surface comprised of four 46” Multitouch Cell Units.

Users can touch “O” shapes and the university’s logo in opposite corners of each of the four displays. When the Os are touched, users get a dialog box that enables them to search the entire university alumni database by searching on name, year, or special events.

The table is positioned in the centre of the Ford Alumni Center. The design motif, a cascade, includes a flow of Os that are animated in the background on the table. When users interact with the background, more Os are spawned from their fingers. Messages can be sent to any of the 240,000 alumni through the alumni center’s web site, and they appear on the table.

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