LG signage campaign gets Onelan backing

LG Electronics recently embarked on a digital signage exercise at the Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre in Lima, Peru. The solution comprised 58 LCD monitors tiled together in a 50 metre circular arrangement.

The company specified a system that was reliable and controllable through a Local Area Network (LAN) and remotely via a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Forty-eight LCD Monitors were tiled together and placed one next to each other around a 50 metre circular perimeter at the shopping centre to creating a 360 degree display.

There were three groups:

One Onelan Net-Top-Box (NTB) 5505 player drove a group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Northern Video Wall).
One Onelan NTB60 player drove two groups of four monitors in 4x1 video wall mode (Eastern & Western Video Walls).
One Onelan NTB5505 player drove the last group of 20 monitors in 5x4 video wall mode (Southern Video Wall).

The five by four video walls were not placed in a square video wall configuration: the second column is placed beside the first column, the third one beside the second column and so on.

Finally, the system is managed remotely: a LAN has been deployed with 53 Network Points.

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