Inside an award-winning Kazakh control centre

InAVate takes a look at the InAVation Award-winning project undertaken by integrator Polymedia in Kazakhstan.

The Kyzylorda oblast - a part of Republic of Kazakhstan – is marked by its vast geographical distribution of cities and their remoteness from regional centres. Governed by the Kyzylorda akkymat administration, the area’s economy is dominated by the oil and gas industry, uranium mining and agriculture.

Last year the administration created a situation centre to improve the local government’s efficiency by creating an information hub using AV technology. The vision behind the centre was to provide decision makers with a broad range of information from the region and offer a comparison analysis with other regions of the republic.

Russian integrator Polymedia was tasked with delivering the project and brought together a signifi cant hardware and software solution to meet the administration’s aims. The main areas for hardware to be installed was in the situation centre’s main room, the analytics room and the operator’s room. A videoconference system was also installed that connects the Center with seven regions of Kyzylorda oblast at a distance up to 500km away to improve communication with them.

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