Ekta takes the heat at Turkmen races

Two Turkmen racetracks have installed EasyLED series model LVM 12C-vpG-E screens from Ekta. The racetracks in Turkmenabad and Balkanabad installed screens of 5 x 3.8m in size and a maximum brightness of 9,000 NITS.

The sports facilities were built by presidential G. Berdimuhamedov decree in Turkmenabad and Balkanabad for the development of equestrian sport. The scale of the projects demonstrate the importance horse breeding and Turkmen traditions in the region.

Turkmenistan is extremely dry and temperatures can reach 35 degrees. Huge sand arrays lead to the dusty air. Ekta had to provide maximum protection from the environment to allow the displays to work in such conditions.

The company claims the screens can operate at temperatures ranging from -30 to +40 degrees. Each module has a protective plastic grid, which not only protects the front surface from different strokes, but also increases the contrast of the screen. Plastic components of the module are made of fire resistant materials class V-0 UL-94 standard.

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