Churches opt for RCF PA

When St Joseph Church in Siegburg, Germany renewed its 30-year-old PA system it opted for an RCF solution. The system consists of two DSP controlled VSA 2050 vertical steerable arrays, which were placed on either side of the altar. Columns can be turned slightly towards the audience using the mounting brackets.

The same system is also installed in St. Severin in Cologne.

PC control software was used, alongside the VSA-RC infrared remote control, to set up the beam steering of the systems and to minimize the interference and the reflections from the back wall of the church. Up to seven full parametric filters can be used to optimize the adjustment to the room acoustics.

To minimize the wiring works, the new systems work with the old 100V cable network. Therefore the output signal from the new digital 100V mixing amplifier is used and a small transformer was mounted on the back of the DSP column to transform the 100V signal to a normal line signal.

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