AV technology at the heart of a bright green building

AUTHOR: Inavate

Automation and occupancy monitoring technology installed by MK2 Audio Visueel at Rabobank’s new so-called bright green building in Utrecht is central to making it one of the greenest office spaces in the country.

Rabobank has worked hard to forge a reputation as one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable banks and, when the matter of a new administrative headquarters arose, ecological responsibility was high on the company’s agenda.
When the Rabobank tower was conceived as one of the greenest office complexes in the Netherlands, sustainable materials, low energy consumption, close temperature control, flexible working conditions and innovative use of control technology were all key factors in making the vision a reality.
The construction of the 28 floor Rabobank tower also afforded the co-operative bank a chance to enact its philosophies of environmental and social responsibility, and good governance through the Rabo Unplugged initiative. It is an approach that allows its staff to achieve greater independence and flexibility of working, whilst helping them to share expertise more easily.
With no assigned work spaces in Rabo Unplugged buildings, employees can move between different resources and work areas as they need, which allows entire floors or services to be switched off automatically when unoccupied. There are in-fact considerably fewer work stations (250) than staff in the new building.
Central to delivering this ambition has been MK2 Audio Visueel, under project manager
Leon van Deurzen. MK2 is a long standing partner of Rabobank, and is its preferred supplier of audiovisual technologies.
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