AVIXA signs deal to offer Microsoft Teams Rooms training

AVIXA signs deal to offer Microsoft Teams Rooms training
AVIXA has signed an agreement with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Teams Rooms training to proAV professionals.

This technical training to deploy, configure, and manage Microsoft Teams Rooms is now available for free through AVIXA’s training catalog. 

“Employees want to have a high-level communication and collaboration experience whether they’re working from their home office or in a meeting room at headquarters, and pro AV professionals play a major role in creating that hybrid workplace of the future. According to AVIXA’s latest research, $58 billion will be spent on conferencing and collaboration solutions globally in 2023 and grow to $68.2 billion by 2028,” said Pam Taggart, AVIXA’s VP of content creation. “The addition of Microsoft Teams Rooms Training to our training catalog is a huge benefit to AV professionals – they can now layer product-specific education on top of AVIXA’s foundational training. This training also brings together the distinct skills of AV and IT – professionals from both fields will broaden their knowledge and career potential.” 

The Microsoft Teams Rooms Training provides technical knowledge and resources using the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre, PowerShell, and the Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management. This training starts with a technical introduction to Microsoft Teams Rooms, covers the importance of room design and ensuring network readiness, and details the process of creating the resource account. 

The introduction is followed by a detailed technical coverage of features, functionalities, and best use scenarios, and then a deep dive into configuration, deployment, and troubleshooting. The training covers monitoring and management of Microsoft Teams Rooms devices using Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management. Training is covered in great detail, including a live walk-through training of the service portal. 

Individuals who complete the Microsoft Teams Rooms Training and 50-question test are eligible to receive 10 CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) renewal units. To access the training, visit HERE

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