UK: A land of opportunity?

Reece Webb speaks with Eric Greenop, Avex UK’s new MD, as he reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing the UK market amid a perfect storm of uncertainty.

Out of Stock: A look at the AV supply chain

The AV supply chain has been struck by an unprecedented series of incidents in the last 18 months, and things are set to get worse before they get better says Paul Milligan.

XR in focus: The reality of XR studios

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, event organisers, production companies and more have turned to new and exciting ways to produce content with cutting edge technology. Reece Webb explores the world of XR studios and how they could revolutionise AV workflows.

Q&A: Projection mapping finds a way through pandemic

Aleksandr Istomin, co-founder and technical director, of dreamlaser says the pandemic forced change on projection mapping displays, with new approaches designed to accommodate online audiences. He speaks to Tim Kridel.